The MiLEDI ambition is to demonstrate that the combination of the laser/electron beam technology and the quantum dots (QDs) optical properties are suitable for the micro LED (mLEDs) and micro OLED (mOLEDs) array manufacturing. MiLEDI project will merge nanotechnology and photonics as building blocks that arranged in a proper way give rise to a robust technology that will be applied for industrial production of RGB mLEDs/OLEDs.

Photonics and nanomaterials and their application on device manufacturing are the key issues of the project that will bring at the realisation of a micro-display.

The micro-display is then integrated to create a rear projector for automotive interior. The direct integration of rear projection screen on geometrically complex surfaces is the proposed use of the patterned microdisplays prototypes explored on MiLEDI.

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