MILEDI 2nd meeting at TUD

MILEDI 2nd meeting at Technical University of Dresden (9/7/2018)

During the 3-4 July 2018 a technical meeting with all the Partners involved in the MILEDI project has been held at Technical University of Dresden. The goal of the meeting was to assess the progresses during the first semester of the project life.
All the Teams discussed the result obtained and proposed the next activities to done for the next semester.
The meeting has been also an opportunity to reinforce the collaboration between the Partners and to deepen the mutual knowledge.

Dinner in Dresden: let’s all rise a glass for Miledi

2Meeting 2MeetingDinner 2Meeting

Some pictures during the coffee break of the meeting

2MeetingCoffee 2MeetingCoffee02 2MeetingCoffee03
2MeetingCoffee04 2MeetingCoffee05 2MeetingCoffee06

The beautiful Dresden….

Dresden01 Dresden02

…Oooopsss the beautiful lab “tour”.

Labtour01 Labtour03