MILEDI meeting at Fraunhofer FEP Dresden

From left to right: Dr. U. Vogel, Dr. F. Antolini, C. Grillberger, B. Richter


Dr. F. Antolini meets Dr. U. Vogel, B. Richter and C. Grillberger at Fraunhofer FEP to discuss deeply the challenges proposed by MILEDI project.

Dr. Uwe Vogel (Head of Division Microdisplays and Sensors, Deputy Director Fraunhofer FEP) decided to be part of the MILEDI team for two main reasons: the new materials proposed, e.g. the quantum dots, and the innovation of the direct patterning technology.

It is well known that QDs have interesting optical properties and the MILEDI approach is one of the good ones to prove this. By applying these materials to the devices set up by Fraunhofer the OLED colours quality and its power consumption can be efficiently improved.

Another important reason to be part of the team is that the direct patterning approach proposed by MILEDI can open new possibilities to the OLED manufacturing process by getting rid of the color-filter layer and improve emission performance.