MILEDI stage at TUD Dresden (9/2/2018)

Dr. F. Antolini spent a brief period of time at TUD laboratory to work together with the group lead by Prof. A. Eychmüller, on the synthesis of QDs.

During this period Francesco had the possibility to discuss with Prof. Eychmüller, group leader of Physical Chemistry at TU Dresden, about his interest to be part of the MILEDI team. He said “…the proposed project idea fits very well with the laboratory expertise. Indeed the synthesis of semiconductor QDs and their applications in devices is one of the research areas of my group. In addition, the international team compiled by Francesco has attracted my attention, because it combines very well the concept of excellence and cultural diversity that also animates my research group.”

MILEDI stage at TUD

On the left Prof. Alexander Eychmüller at the Kick off meeting of Frascati. On the right Dr. Vladimir Lesnyak and Prof. Nikolai Gaponik discussing with Dr. Francesco Antolini the synthesis of the QDs during his stage at TUD.